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Since I had the Rotiform wheels on the 7 series the brakes behind it looked pretty small and although the original brakes of the 7 series are already big. This due to the 22″ wheels on it of course! This big brake kit has 405mm and 8 pots in the front and 330mm in the rear with a 6 pot caliper. I think the yellow will fit the F01 perfectly, I got another few mods in mind for the tank! Stay tuned for that but for now the brakes are going as home decoration. Winter is coming and the F01 needs to go to the annual inspection and I don’t drive it during wintertime. Can’t wait for season 2019 to start!

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Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy everywhere these days! Ordered these last week when they were dropped worldwide. As Kanye promised, everybody who wants Yeezy could buy Yeezys and not have to be ‘lucky’ anymore as on the past releases on the Yeezy drops. I got them, Ellen got them, my best friends Kevin and Elien got them… It’s going to be awkward when we all wear them. They might be just to wear when I’m home alone – haha! There goes my shoes of $220. At least they are comfy! Thanks Kanye!

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I always was fascinated by Dubai and the United Arabic Emirates for many years now, probably by seeing all the amazing photos and travelstories from friends and Youtubers on the world wide web. Always wanted to go there and as my business shedule was pretty hectic over the past few years it wasn’t always possible until a 2 weeks ago, Dubai trip became reality!

We flew with Emirates as they had a direct flight from Brussels airport to Dubai, it only took 6 hours and 30 minutes which is pretty ok. We’re used to be on a flight to Vegas for 16 hours so this was only a short trip! You can see the full travel vlog here in case you missed it:

This was the first sight when we enterred our hotel room balcony, the Burj Khalifa. The tallest building in the world with 828m high and 163 floors, pretty crazy! As they are buidling everywhere now in Dubai for the Expo 2020 you got be very lucky to have a sight on this building from your hotel room – Can u smell my happiness?

As you guys know, I like fast cars and Lamborghinis in particular so I decided to rent this yellow bull to drive around Dubai and just cruise around. As I hate public transportation and you can’t do Dubai in a Ford Focus rental car this was actually a pretty good idea.

We drove way too many kilometers in this car as my back really hurts from sitting in this car but it’s only once in a while you’re in Dubai and in a Lamborghini so… We went to the desert to snap some pictures and video which you could see in this vlog:

Somewhere 1h away from the Dubai City madness we found this abandonned parking… we actually got lost but it was fun to drive with just nothing around you!

The next best thing beside the Huracan was this swimming pool in our hotel. During the day it was around 36 to 42 degrees so sometimes we just needed to jump in the pool to cool down a little bit. We knew Dubai was going to be hot but I didn’t expected it to be that hot. It cooled down in the evening/night but then it was still 33 degrees and very humid. Next time when I travel to Dubai it will be in December or January for my birthday or to celebrate New Year there. Temperatures are much better then.

We had some pretty good food in Dubai, except from this hamburger from Five Guys. I heard so much about this fast food hamburger restaurant but I was very dissapointed by how greasy it was. The Strawberry Mojitos at the pool and my morning eggs with sausage were on point. I’ll sign for that again! And of course, we had sushi, everybody loves sushi, right?

I went shopping for this breakfast in the Huracan, pretty cool haha! I case you missed that vlog about it, check it out here:

And you can’t do Dubai without shopping, it has the biggest and most beautiful mall in the world! “The Dubai Mall”, just next to our hotel so we could do it by foot, only a 2 minute walk. I never ever saw so many designer stores under 1 roof. Literally 4 Louis Vitton stores, a few Gucci stores, 3 Adidas stores and all this in 1 shopping mall – Only in Dubai!

Suprised to see Off-White clothing and shoes here and that much!

And it’s not very comon you can see that amount of new Yeezys on the shelve where you can just take them and buy them. Unfortunately the retail prices where way too high. 2 to 3 times the normal re-selling price.

Otherwise I would have copped these Off-white Nikes. They went for €1200 while you can catch them for €550 on the web.

Another thing that I was suprised with in Dubai is their etiquette and motivation. From taxi drivers to hotel staff to even this grocery store. People in Dubai do their ultimate best in like everything. From stacking fruit to make sure you have the best time when you are in their country.

This view was just a typical sight at the valet parking at the Dubai Mall, Dubai things…

A little city overview from the other side of our hotel balcony, absolutely amazing! I could watch this for hours!

On the last day we went for a little boat trip with this little yacht. It went all from downtown Marina port to the Atlantis hotel at the Palm. It was so hot on the boat that I want to jump in the water but they told me it was a bad idea so I stayed on. We had breakfast and a good time on it, check it out in the vlog:

I have seen some ports in my life but this one here is on the top of the list by far. This weather and buildings are just amazing! They can top off the Monaco port for sure!

Here I was just enjoying the view and thinking of a business opportunity so I can buy a boat and sail it myself here! Haha – just kidding!

Dubai, you were amazing! Peace out and see you next time!

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This is not a blogpost for the vegetarian or veganist. I’m a big meatlover and I just love to eat, that’s why we went to the Elckerlijc restaurant in Maldegem, Belgium to try out some of the best meat Belgium has to offer. The chef, Peter De Clerq is one of the best grillers of the country and that shows – best T-bone I ever had! We sat on the outdoor terras which just looks amazing, very cosy and as we were with a group of 13 people, that was maybe the best plan to sit outside! I’m getting hungry again buy posting all this!

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I just adore Asian food and when it comes to ramen and noodles, I’m just lost for words. I’m always happy to eat this! When we were in Dubai we want for the Wagamama restaurant in the Dubai Mall and tried out these dishes. The fried shrimps with a hot sauce (which was very spicy indeed) and the teppanyaki noodles with chicken and shrimps, so delicious! I think everything which is baked on a teppanyaki plate just tastes even better as in a normal cooking pan or griller. The chilli steak ramen was also very good, I can eat this every day! I’m for sure going to try out the Wagamama restaurant out in Antwerp Belgium. Didn’t know they had these in Belgium too!

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