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Today was an absolute fun day with this big brake kit finally installed on the 7 series! Those original ‘little’ brakes on the 7 always were a pain in my eyes on those big wheels. The original brakes on the 7 are actually pretty big to be honest, they are 330mm original which is pretty big to be stock. They just look freakin’ small on those big 22″ wheels! #firstworldproblems – Those donuts and loads of Red Bulls should help us through the install as it’s not just a 5 minute wheel swap!

The original brakes from the 7 are good, they brake as they should, they don’t make any noises so for me it’s just the optical parts which made me do this swap. Kean Suspensions made these brakes custom for my car, that’s what I like!

The things you find in the Kean Suspensions fridge! And hell no I’m not drinking this and hell yes, that a small cobra snake in a bottle!

Left the original disc, on the top right a rear one, on the bottom left the new ones, bigger!

405mm and 8 pots look so good on the 7, just what it needed! The yellow calipers are a perfect fit if you ask me! I was thinking to order them in black but it would be bit too much black going on I guess. And of course with the black wheel it would have been too much I’m afraid.

On the left, the 8 pots front caliper, on the right, 6 pots on the rear axle. I made the Mperformance stickers myself – cool right? Couldn’t think of anything else to put on, I wanted to keep it classy and to the point.

I’m probably the only one who likes this picture so much! Mostly I like the behind the scenes/construction pictures more than the result! Sorry!

It’s crazy what you can do with a yellow spray can and some black marker! This was the time to kill Kenny and Andy from Kean!

Time for a little test drive and take a look at the black boat, I’m loving it! The 7 needs a few more mods for next year and season 2019 can come!

I could keep staring at the car now!

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With Sema in the books, it’s time to get the cars some updates again. The KW DDC coilover kit is going in at Kean Suspensions.

KW versus original, stance versus boring, only the best for my cars and that’s KW suspensions!

We go way back! I know the Kean guys for over more then 14 years, I was there when they started the whole Kean thing. Cool to see to how far they have come and what they established over the years.

Always fun and laughter with these 2 – haha!

KW DDC (DDC stands for Dynamic Damping Control) is on and be honest, it looks way better as original. Advantage of this kit is that I’m still able to setup my electronic damping and settings original by Bmw.

Thanks Kean! Next up is wheels I guess…

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As promised in a previous post, the RDBLA visit. We all got our favourite YouTube or Instagram channels, right? One of my favs is RDBLA, it’s one of the shops who create the sickets car builds out there! No half work, no kid stance but proper work and a perfect stance as it should be. They inspired me so much when it comes to modifying cars and work ethic.

If you were wondering where “RDBLA” stands for: Repair, Design, Build, Los Angeles. The name says it all!

My 7 series has probably the most RDB feeling over it as you can see, all black and slammed to the floor.

When we visited the shop, the guys were eating in the back as it was mid-day but they were so kind to come out and take a picture with us. I can imagine it gets bored going on picture every time some fans come over and getting out for a photo so I really appreciate it!

And for those who say their shop is not the cleanest, you’re totally right and that’s probably why they get so much work done and keep building cars. Did U ever built a project car or ripped a car in parts in just a few days and got it back together only a few days after? If not, you’ll probably never going to understand the “mess” in the workshop.

I bought another RDBLA T-shirt and we got going, thanks for having us and keep doing what you do Vic & Mano! Ps: have mercy with Moses!

Go and give them a follow on Youtube (they’re almost at 200.000 subs) & Instagram!

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Back in Belgium and back to work! While I was cleaning up my portable hard disk with all the images from the Las Vegas and LA trip, I encountered these photos, too good not to share – right? When you’re out with 6 people on a trip and doing a show report of Sema Show and shooting from everybody’s Instagram/blog, you’ll end up with shooting so much that you just forgot about some pictures.

I would be a fool not to grab some pictures of the Deckorate decks in Vegas!

Just a random jackpot in the Palazzo hotel! Win a Bmw 750i!

Beautiful scenery at the Mirago hotel! Those colors made me do it!

It was a white shoe day! We didn’t care!

Sunset in the Las Vegas desert, it doesn’t got much better then this folks, I can tell you that!

Hotels, hotels, hotels and some more hotels, here’s the MGM Grand!

An empty car parking, I took a picture of it, here it is.

Friday night after the Sema Show is always cool, you’ll see much show cars at the strip. This was one of them, sickest police car imitation you’ll ever see! High Mad Max feeling!

The Strip is always full of traffic and red lights, you think it would get bored after a week but I didn’t care, just enjoy the scenery!

Santa Monica pier! An amusement park on the beach, in the sea, because they can!

Fairfax Avenue, the place to be when you’re a hypebeast (which I’m not).

Supreme and palmtrees, works well together!

Overview at Griffith Park – Los Angeles, I like that!

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When I saw this screen just next to my bed, I knew it was going to be another long day! Getting up at 5am sucks! Like bigtime!

Today on the menu, roadtrip from Vegas to Los Angeles and back! Having a short to-do list in LA and of course grabbing some pictures!

Nothing better as seeing the sun rise over the desert while driving to LA! This makes up pretty good for the getting up early part.

Our other friends from Belgium joined too for the little roadtrip!

But first, fuel and Red Bull!

And like half of the gas station candy department! Rip diet!

Missing Bentley & Tesla by seeing how happy this dog was in the back of this truck on the freeway!

First stop, Santa Monica pier! Time for a proper breakfast as in chili cheese fries and an all American hot-dog!

Tasted better as it looks! I swear!

Loving those typical USA branded candy vending stands! They just scream ‘America’ so much!

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of RDBLA so a little visit was obligated! I’ll do a seperate blogpost of the shop very soon! Pretty cool to see this again in real life! Be sure to watch their videos on Youtube!

And on the way to our next stop we obviously had to do some (more) pictures as the ladies never have photos enough for the Gram!

Next stop, the Griffith overview point, the most amazing view ever which you will have over Los Angeles. Little downside was the smog and some irritating people (and a full parking lot, which wasn’t full)

Little drive over Rodeo Drive and back to Vegas! The longest day ever! An almost 1.000km trip!

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