Dubai 2019


As summer holidays were just so far away we decided to go on a little trip to Dubai with the 4 of us. That’s me, Margaux, Kevin & Elien. Departing from Brussels airport to Dubai International with a direct flight of 6h30 with Emirates, perfect as it is!

Arriving to our hotel and seeing this view, our trip couldn’t start any better to be honest! It’s better to spend a bit more on a good room/hotel as otherwise you’re stuck with a boring grey concrete building view when you’re on the balcony of your hotel – nobody likes that, right?

And as it was 36 degrees during the evening/night, we couldn’t wait to jump in our pool at the hotel!

As the G63 AMG is Margaux her favourite car, we decided to rent this boxy brick to tour around Dubai and get some cool shots with it. To be honest I was suprised by the power of this square shaped metal box with a V8 engine in it! Makes me want one even more here in Belgium!

Views in Dubai never disappoint and putting up the drone didn’t either! The skyline of this metropolis city of Dubai is just on another level, I’ve been to many places but Las Vegas doesn’t even comes close. I just love this place and his atmosphere, the luxury and new buildings motivate me a lot.

Quick desert trip with the G63 and these guys! We almost felt how it was to be walking on Mars! I guess it has the same sand texture and temperatures – haha! 44 Degrees in the desert was kinda hot but the pictures turned out amazing!

Of course we couldn’t miss out on doing some ByMargaux photos! Ps: Go check out here latest pieces in the collection!

Of course we did some pictures for my Kevve-Inc collection too! Got some exciting news coming soon on that by the way!

The G was so sick to drive in Dubai, it’s really G-wagon heaven! In our private garage at the hotel were I think 20 G-wagons, I kid you not! When you drive around the city you spot G-wagons everywhere you look, it’s just crazy! As it was ramadam when we were in Dubai, there weren’t too many supercars around as during the ramadam they aren’t allowed to showcase their rich lifestyle and should stay sober.

Always wanted to go up on the top of the Burj Khalifa and this is what the view is from the 126th level. Pretty insane is an understatement! Next time we’re doing this by day!

I’m so happy I could show my princess this amazing city and we’re already planning the next trip to Dubai & Abu D’habi, the countdown has started but first the Italy roadtrip up next!

Made this pretty long vlog for you guys too, it gives you a better insight in the whole Dubai happening! Enjoy!

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Worthersee 2019

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You guys know that I love my roadtrips! The trip down to Worthersee, Austria is always in the agenda, for the 11th year now! As the GTI treffen is held there and I just love the atmosphere in Velden Am Worthersee it’s just a trip I can’t miss. Driving it with this fun thing makes it even more fun to be honest, as I told you already before with the Monaco roadtrip, the M4 is the ultimate driving machine, even for a 1150km trip one way!

And yes of course I got my sexy co-pilot with me so she can eat some miles too with the M4! It was actually the first time I sat in the back of my own car – ha! Letting those girls sit in the front was just a cool sight, you should have seen all the looks on people face when passing by!

This photo is always on my to-do list when I come down to the Worthersee event… the background is just so sick! We always have breakfast here as it’s a chill place with proper food!

On the Alpenstrasse there’s something going on… The top parking seems to be converted into the local gummi-platz and I’m not even mad!


Whoops! Kevin made me do it to be honest, I felt bad about doing those donuts! In the end, it was fun tho and got some cool video and photo footage of the donut!

When we had enough of the cars it was time to chill at the pool, with a sun around giving us 26 degrees we couldn’t wished for a better weather…

You know why I love that whole Worthersee atmosphere so much right now…? This tell a lot!

No better way to park the car than at the front entrance of your hotel!

And waking up to this view was pretty amazing! I forgot to take pictures of the hotel room but there’s some footage from in the vlog. (video on the end of this post)

I love my meat, and this rumsteak with garlic was just on another level, so good!

The M4 handles the curvy mountain roads so good, it’s amazing! This picture almost looks like a painting to me, I’m pretty sure I will be watching this photo over and over again when I miss Worthersee!

The roadtrip was even more fun with the 102 fuel which I found in some fuel stations! The M loves that!


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The merchandising is growing pretty well as you can see! And as I’m a big fan of bomber jackets, I decided to give these a quick run before summer kicks in. As it’s still chilly in the morning and evening these black bomber jackets come in handy! Beside that, they look pretty cool I think!

Full black, as in black zippers, black stitching and finished with a new orange colorway of the skull. Black & orange is a thing, right? On the inside they are finished with the same orange as the skull and more on the inside is that they have a little insidepocket, handy for you mobile or wallet. On the outside you can find 2 side pockets, perfect to keep more junk in (or just your hands, haha!)

They’re pretty warm to be honest and pretty good when it comes to stopping the wind. I love them and I’m wearing it almost every day since they were finished! Go check them out in the KEVVE-INC webshop and thanks for spreading the love!

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Fooood! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about food here, right? And as you guys know from my Instatories, I just adore food so much! It’s even that bad that some people tell me my Instastories are becoming a food blog. Anyway, I love sushi so much, I could literally eat it every day. That’s why we decided last sunday to hit the road, just to catch some sushi.

As you guys often ask me or comment on my Instagram where we do eat this, this is Zushi in Knokke. My most favourite place to eat sushi! It’s just a classy place in the middle of the city and where you can also spot some nice cars passing by and it’s located at the sea, always fun to get some fresh air or jump in the ocean in the summer time. Win-win for everybody. I actually can’t remember how much times we ate here, must be over 20 times now over all those years. We even had take-out here to eat in a hotel room.

My favourite starter are those tempura shrimps, basicly fried scampi with a crunchy layer, normally comes with soy sauce but I advise to eat it with sweet-and-sour sauce, delicious! I could eat 20 of these!

The sushi is always freshly made at Zushi, you can see the guys make them on demand in the open kitchen in the back, always good to know! This tartare inside the rice and salmon and tuna is out of this world, little spicy but that’s what makes it even better!

A new one which we tried out last time is this fried chicken roll (photo on the left) and it’s actually pretty good, something different then always. On the right we had the fried combo, basicly it’s a mix of all the fried ones. Try it and thank me later!

And of course my babe is wearing her Rosé All Day hoodie from By Margaux. If you want to try out the best sushi in Belgium, go try them out, they’re based on the Lippenslaan in Knokke. Just good sushi! (And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just love to support brands/people who do a good job in what they do).

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I finally (yes, finally) have my own presets ready for you guys! I know some of you have been asking for a very long time but the time is here. Pulled out 10 different presets for all different lightning and moods. Go check them out in my webshop and have fun with them, feel free to tag me on Instagram or send me some befores and afters, I always like that!
Here are some of my own photos that I editted with just my presets, no other adjusted settings! Cool, right? All the presets are perfect for Photoshop & Lightroom, for Mac & Windows!

Before / After

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