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You guys know what these mean! My little pieces of happiness! The grey Yeezy Boost 350’s, brand new in the box and yes, more “C’est Normal” by Jon Olsson. My hoodie that was missing in my previous order finally came in and I’m pretty happy about that! That box still satisfies me so hard – Branding on point!

This is just next level branding folks, never seen anything cool like this. I know it’s just a piece of paper hanging on a hoodie but admit… it’s cool.

These little details makes these C’est Normal clothes special. Not just a boring hoodie of T-shirt with a print on it.

Did I already mentioned I like all those details?

And the new grey Yeezy’s, we all know the 350’s already… They all look the same with a different color, collection is growing! Next ones which I will get are the green ones!

I’m saying sorry already… I’ll be rocking that hoodie every day now haha! Peace out!