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A day in the bay? What does that mean? A day in the detailing bay at Meguiar’s Belgium, a full day of spa welness for a car. Does that sounds a bit more familiar? When I arrived the car wasn’t really dirty as it’s been sunny and dry for over the last month in Belgium. It only had some minor dust on it so we didn’t need to go for the heavy wash. Although we started with the wheels, as you would start every wash of your car.

Let us be clear, this whole blogpost is not an ad, as you guys know I just love to support great brands and the people behind it. I do know Sven (owner of Meguiar’s Belgium) for over 13 years now and we’ve done many great things together. We both come a long way and the Meguiar’s products are just amazing. This is the brand that I’ve been using forever on all my cars, if something is great, there’s no need to change it. We started with this Ultimate Wheel Cleaner, just spray it on and let the product do his work. The products starts working and brake dust is coming off, you’ll see the product becoming purple.

With the Meguiar’s wheelbrush, it’s easy to clean the whole wheel behind the spokes!

Time to rinse!

Once the wheels are rinsed with the jetwash, it’s time to snow foam the car! As you guys know I really like snow foaming cars, it makes cleaning so much easier and safer when it comes to swirls and scratches!

And yes, it’s just so instafriendly when your car is fully foamed and white!

This Meguiar’s Ultimate Snow Foam is just released and I’m really loving it! In the past I used the yellow Ultimate wash & wax shampoo with hot water. It wasn’t really cost effective but it sure did the job – haha!

After snowfoaming it, it’s time to wash the car. By using the bucket with gritt guard and the Meguiar’s wash mitt, you eliminate the chance of swirls pretty much.

And this folks is why I’m here, the famous swirls and scratches which every car has…

On photo they seem rather small but the in real life they are a pain in my eye!

This is the product range that will make any paint into showroom condition again.  You start of with the compound, polish and finish with a layer of wax. As my paint wasn’t matte or dull by age, we had enough with only the compound and wax.

This Correction Compound does the magic!

As I already completed the full course of “professional” detailer a few years ago Sven refreshed my memory on how to work with the Dual Action Polisher and how safe it is to use.

With the correct products and know-how you really can’t do anything wrong. Some people still think you can polish through the paint or clear coat but not with the Meguiar’s Dual Action. It’s actually fun to do and it’s even more fun when you see the difference when you finished a panel.

After polishing the whole car (about 6 hours later with 2 people) it’s time put on the wax. We applied it with the Dual Action too! Waxed a whole car in just 15 minutes!

And finished the small corners with a manual application pad.

Time to let the wax cure and have a little BBQ – Jummy!

Once the wax is been taken off and the car is been detailed a last time with a ‘Last Touch’ spray, you can really see the difference of what a full day of work did (with 2 people that is). No more swirls, no more scratches and a deep gloss and amazing metallic.

It’s almost scary to drive the car now as it’s so perfect now! Be sure to check out my latest vlog to see some video of the whole process. If you like to have your own day at the Meguiar’s Belgium bay, it’s possible! Get in touch with the Meguiar’s Belgium guys and have fun!

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Worthersee 2019

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You guys know that I love my roadtrips! The trip down to Worthersee, Austria is always in the agenda, for the 11th year now! As the GTI treffen is held there and I just love the atmosphere in Velden Am Worthersee it’s just a trip I can’t miss. Driving it with this fun thing makes it even more fun to be honest, as I told you already before with the Monaco roadtrip, the M4 is the ultimate driving machine, even for a 1150km trip one way!

And yes of course I got my sexy co-pilot with me so she can eat some miles too with the M4! It was actually the first time I sat in the back of my own car – ha! Letting those girls sit in the front was just a cool sight, you should have seen all the looks on people face when passing by!

This photo is always on my to-do list when I come down to the Worthersee event… the background is just so sick! We always have breakfast here as it’s a chill place with proper food!

On the Alpenstrasse there’s something going on… The top parking seems to be converted into the local gummi-platz and I’m not even mad!


Whoops! Kevin made me do it to be honest, I felt bad about doing those donuts! In the end, it was fun tho and got some cool video and photo footage of the donut!

When we had enough of the cars it was time to chill at the pool, with a sun around giving us 26 degrees we couldn’t wished for a better weather…

You know why I love that whole Worthersee atmosphere so much right now…? This tell a lot!

No better way to park the car than at the front entrance of your hotel!

And waking up to this view was pretty amazing! I forgot to take pictures of the hotel room but there’s some footage from in the vlog. (video on the end of this post)

I love my meat, and this rumsteak with garlic was just on another level, so good!

The M4 handles the curvy mountain roads so good, it’s amazing! This picture almost looks like a painting to me, I’m pretty sure I will be watching this photo over and over again when I miss Worthersee!

The roadtrip was even more fun with the 102 fuel which I found in some fuel stations! The M loves that!


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As you all know, I’m a big Meguiar’s fan and I’m been waiting a long time on this product and it’s finally here! The long awaited Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax which was presented at the Meguiar’s booth on Sema. I got it in my hands as one of the first ones and I’m happy to give this a test for you guys!

First, I gave the car a wash like I normally do. Decided to give it a little foam bath and a wash with the Meguiar’s Ultimate wash & wax shampoo.

Of course, we’re using the bucket with grid guard and Meguiar’s washmitt.

As I love to test products to the maximum, I’ve got an extra level of difficult right here as this already had some Meguiar’s wax on the paintwork in the past.

The Meguiar’s Hybrid Ceramic Wax is the most easy way to protect your car and give you a fantastic beading, feel my excitement!

After washing the car, just rinse the car with water as you would usually do. Easy as that, just spray the product to the car. As with all Meguiar’s products: “less is more”. I must admit that you easily apply too much product as the spray is kinda rich. I advise to spray the product from a bith further.

You’ll see an immediately effect, the product will seclude itself from the water on the bodywork. This is another advantage of the product as it doesn’t need any buffing time. Spray on and ready!

After you applied the product, simply rinse the product away with a high pressure hose and you’ll see how good the product works. It makes the beading of the water insane.

The beading is like I hoped it to be, the photo says it all, thaaaank you! 

You immediately see the product working as the water is beading on the paintwork as never before. This will also contribute to drying the car with ease.

To dry the car, we take our good old Meguiar’s Supreme Drying Towel, dry in just a snap! Drying your car was already much easier with the drying towel but with the ceramic coating applied, it’s even more satisfying. It’s also protected like no other! We’re a big fan!Order it HERE.



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If you could only see how excited I was to this day! The wagon is finally getting some paint and ready to get some shape! The car might look pretty stock now but all 4 fenders are rolled extremely on the inside to tuck those upcoming forged Rotiform wheels.

The car/color will be revealed when the car is getting some more progress as it’s more fun to show you guys the project when it’s done. ( a project is never done tho…).

Big thanks to these 2 guys for making it happen! If you ever need a car prepped and painted for a new color or damage repair, hit me up and I’ll forward to these heroes!

All shiny with the clearcoat on! Baked and ready for assembly! Can’t wait to put the car back together and get all the fun stuff on like the AccuAir E-level & Endo CVT.

Check out the video blog on the paint process! (And sorry Grumpy aka Tom – haha!)
Thanks for watching guys!

Shop the KEVVE-INC apparel here! T-shirts & hoodies restocked!


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Yes!!!! That’s the last step before hitting the spray/paint booth on saturday for its color! All the dents, rustspots, defects are repaired. Wheel arches front and back are widened to fit those Rotiform wheels together with the deep air suspension. The car is receiving primer today and will be sanded down again to remove those last small defects in the panels (if there are).

Lots of bare metal ready to receive some primer today. Sometimes when you’re in doubt of the state of the paint or surface it’s better to sand it all down to the bare metal and start all over again.

Everything masked as the interior and engine bay will receive another color as the exterior of the car.

Wheel arches are ready to go and wide enough now to tuck those wheels!

Thanks again Tom for the outstanding work on prepping the car for paint. Couldn’t done it without you!

Can’t wait to get the car in the spray booth on saturday, project is finally getting some shape! Stay tuned folks! Little vlog of the pre-paint process underneath!

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