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Some days in the office are just better then other days! I have the luck to shoot the coolest and most beautiful cars out there thanks to my favourite car shop, Xoto Premium cars! Jup, that’s the place where I bought my Bmw M4 and where I will probably buy more cars during my life! Haha!

The cars that needed to be photographed were these 2 amazing Land Rover Defenders, both in mint condition, and both on my ‘want-list’. I have a weakness for these Defenders, I know they look like a brick, have 0,0001% of aerodynamics, they’re slow as a bone but there’s just something about the off-road vehicles that I like so much!

I had the luck to drive these to several locations and the weather really was on my side, a low oriented sun which took care of the flare in the pictures (which I like) and those locations were a perfect match for these Defenders – Picture perfect!

This Heritage 110 version in a minty green was just on another level, it looks like new and looks so amazing!

And then there was this 90 Adventure series, it just fits this location so much, it’s in his natural habitat! If these cars were not for sale I would love to drive them through mud like a crazy man, must be so much fun!

You would think those Defenders would look boring and stock on the inside but nothing is left to┬ácoincidence, they just got everything! Electric windows, airco, heating, radio, cd, seat heating, … everything you could wish for!

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Sometimes you just want to go out and shoot pictures, right? And if you just got new brakes on the car and the sun is out during the November months, the want is even higher! I found this little spot which was perfect for this autumn styled photos! Always wanted to do this but I didn’t feel like burning all the grass and photoshopping all the trees in orange. Some weeks in the year Mother Earth turns the trees orange automaticly and no need for photoshop, win-win situation!

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Today was an absolute fun day with this big brake kit finally installed on the 7 series! Those original ‘little’ brakes on the 7 always were a pain in my eyes on those big wheels. The original brakes on the 7 are actually pretty big to be honest, they are 330mm original which is pretty big to be stock. They just look freakin’ small on those big 22″ wheels! #firstworldproblems – Those donuts and loads of Red Bulls should help us through the install as it’s not just a 5 minute wheel swap!

The original brakes from the 7 are good, they brake as they should, they don’t make any noises so for me it’s just the optical parts which made me do this swap. Kean Suspensions made these brakes custom for my car, that’s what I like!

The things you find in the Kean Suspensions fridge! And hell no I’m not drinking this and hell yes, that a small cobra snake in a bottle!

Left the original disc, on the top right a rear one, on the bottom left the new ones, bigger!

405mm and 8 pots look so good on the 7, just what it needed! The yellow calipers are a perfect fit if you ask me! I was thinking to order them in black but it would be bit too much black going on I guess. And of course with the black wheel it would have been too much I’m afraid.

On the left, the 8 pots front caliper, on the right, 6 pots on the rear axle. I made the Mperformance stickers myself – cool right? Couldn’t think of anything else to put on, I wanted to keep it classy and to the point.

I’m probably the only one who likes this picture so much! Mostly I like the behind the scenes/construction pictures more than the result! Sorry!

It’s crazy what you can do with a yellow spray can and some black marker! This was the time to kill Kenny and Andy from Kean!

Time for a little test drive and take a look at the black boat, I’m loving it! The 7 needs a few more mods for next year and season 2019 can come!

I could keep staring at the car now!

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With Sema in the books, it’s time to get the cars some updates again. The KW DDC coilover kit is going in at Kean Suspensions.

KW versus original, stance versus boring, only the best for my cars and that’s KW suspensions!

We go way back! I know the Kean guys for over more then 14 years, I was there when they started the whole Kean thing. Cool to see to how far they have come and what they established over the years.

Always fun and laughter with these 2 – haha!

KW DDC (DDC stands for Dynamic Damping Control) is on and be honest, it looks way better as original. Advantage of this kit is that I’m still able to setup my electronic damping and settings original by Bmw.

Thanks Kean! Next up is wheels I guess…

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As promised in a previous post, the RDBLA visit. We all got our favourite YouTube or Instagram channels, right? One of my favs is RDBLA, it’s one of the shops who create the sickets car builds out there! No half work, no kid stance but proper work and a perfect stance as it should be. They inspired me so much when it comes to modifying cars and work ethic.

If you were wondering where “RDBLA” stands for: Repair, Design, Build, Los Angeles. The name says it all!

My 7 series has probably the most RDB feeling over it as you can see, all black and slammed to the floor.

When we visited the shop, the guys were eating in the back as it was mid-day but they were so kind to come out and take a picture with us. I can imagine it gets bored going on picture every time some fans come over and getting out for a photo so I really appreciate it!

And for those who say their shop is not the cleanest, you’re totally right and that’s probably why they get so much work done and keep building cars. Did U ever built a project car or ripped a car in parts in just a few days and got it back together only a few days after? If not, you’ll probably never going to understand the “mess” in the workshop.

I bought another RDBLA T-shirt and we got going, thanks for having us and keep doing what you do Vic & Mano! Ps: have mercy with Moses!

Go and give them a follow on Youtube (they’re almost at 200.000 subs) & Instagram!

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