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Sometimes you just got to get out and drive, even when it’s freezing cold outside and all white. The M4 is just so much fun to drive, even with this weather it performs so well, it likes the cold air a bit more then summerheat. Took the time to take a few quick pictures, here they are. I know, much white and much sun flare.

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You guys probably have seen this car for a while now! The AccuAired Ferrari 308 from my mates at Kean Suspensions and Andy in particular. One of my magazine clients (and friends) asked me to have a proper photoshoot of this amazing car for their printed magazine so I was pretty stoked to shoot this red Italian beauty.

The car was showcased at the Essen Motorshow in Germany the last 2 weeks so Andy just got it back from the show last night. It’s not a trailercar, I can tell you that, it’s sometimes just easier to transport a car in a closed trailer when it has to be at a carshow. Did you guys know he drove this beauty all the way up to Worthersee in Austria earlier this year? Wicked! Real Dukes Of Hazzard style to get in the car (he actually couldn’t open the door due to the high sides of the trailer).

This view will never get old!

I actually can’t share too much photos from the photoshoot as the final pictures are going in to the magazine and need to be exclusive. What I can do is, is sharing these little behind the scenes photos or those who didn’t make the final selection.

It’s not every day you’re in a classic Ferrari like this. Nostalgia at his best! Finished with some fancy wheels and an AccuAir suspension making this 308 in to a real stunner!

Top views are the best! Those 80’s body lines, perfect!

The weather was pretty perfect, except for the cold. It was so cold that I couldn’t use my hands at the end of the photoshoot, too much ice cold wind. I’m so not ready for winter… but if all photoshoots turn out to be that fantastic, I can embrace winter in return for some epic photo magic. Thanks for taking out this Italian beauty today Andy! Red Bulls are on you next time!

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EMS 2018

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EMS, The Essen Motorshow in Germany, after Sema Show in Las Vegas the biggest car show when it comes to aftermarket pieces and tuning. Tuning in the good way that is. Michiel joined me on the trip yesterday which was pretty fun as it’s always lots of fun with him around.

I’m not going to post too much cars from the show as I’m working on a big show coverage feature on my channel. This will be published soon, go check out the cars over there if you like!

And then I stumbled up this guy, the one and only Puc Polish – haha! Good to see Stefan back again as we go back, way back as in 10 years I guess? He’s one of the best when it comes to polishing wheels and making your wheels on your car looking like never before. From starting to refurbish wheels in a small hangar to building a little empire with fame all over the world. Keep doing what you’re doing Stefan!

Hamburgers anyone? (Yes there are hamburgers in this photo)

We didn’t decided to go for the hamburgers as they looked way too funny and too weird. We went for the classic Currywörst – a must-eat when in Germany!

These new Porsche Grand GT Turismo’s are growing on me, I’m nog the biggest Porsche fanatic but they can drop off this Tech Art on my driveway. Please.

These were also 2 of my favourites (yes another Porsche). The RUF Porsche SCR, a fully new rebuilt Porsche with the looks of a 1978 body with the newest technology and 510hp on board. The massive white G63 AMG Brabus is just such a beast, I can imagine seeing myself rocking this one with Bentley on the backseat! Where do I sign?

In the basement, the tuning hall, I encountered this amazing red E30M3 with the most perfect paint and sick BBS wheels. Love on first sight! I would never paint an E30 in red myself but this thing was so mint… no words! More pictures coming up soon on the Automotive Tuner channel!

Long days as these require a lot of the golden stuff! Thanks Red Bull for keeping us going!

And yes, A Rolls! The only one on the show, pushed somewhere in a corner far away but I found it! Loved the telesto grey outdoor color and the orange/brown interior look! Rocking it! Thanks EMS, see you next year!

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The last snaps, as in the last photoshoot of the M4… for this season! I took advantage of the last sunrays yesterday after a day behind the computer. Next days are rainy and cold with the neccessary frost and we all know what that means – Winter is coming! No roadsalt for this blue one!

Went for the arty shots on my favourite moment of the day, the golden hour! We all like that, correct?

I need a new exhaust, any tips? Want something a bit louder but not as in “look-at-me loud”! I’m seeing so much different exhaust systems for the M4 from €1.000 up to €12.500 for an exhaust system. Help me out other M3/M4 drivers!

C’est Normal – What else? Realling loving that low light, that sun flare and atmosphere in the air!

Those coupe bodylines are the best, just have a look at the bonnet, side wings on the front fenders and trunk spoiler. It’s almost like the curves of a fine lady (except for the boobs, the M4 doesn’t got boobs). It does got a proper booty tho – I like that.

There it is! (inserts peach emoticon) – Ha!

I know, I should have gone for the modeling career! Thanks for reading guys and the positive comments lately on the blog and my Instagram! I love you all! (well, most of you…)

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It’s been a bit quiet around here last week, I know. Been working pretty hard on the E30 wagon and it’s been pretty busy work-wise so have a bit mercy on me. Yes, another blogpost about me washing a car (DJ Khaled’s voice: “another one”). But, if I’m not wrong (and I’m not because I checked) I didn’t do one before on the M4. And as I still get a lot of questions on the foaming process and people just love photos of foamed cars, here we go!

As you can see I actually drove the M4, it’s not just sitting in the garage… Actually it is but hey, I got it dirty and it’s really really dirty now as you can see so it needs a bath! Don’t hate me now, a car is made to be driven!

This photo has nothing to do with this article but Bentley had a good fur-day and wanted to go on photo, nothing wrong with that. He’s cute, right?

Foam! That’s what it’s all about! Once you get it on, it gets the dirt loose and makes it easier to clean. It’s just so much more fun to clean your car and keeps your paint in better condition as foam prevents swirlmarks better as a normal wash.

Just leave the foam soaking in and enjoy the view!

And yes, it’s hard to not take a picture when it’s fully foamed, I admit. I’m guilty!

After the foam is fully soaked just wash your on the normal way with a bucket with soap and a washmitt. If you like, you can foam your car again and wash it with the new layer of foam on it.

Once you washed the car it’s time to dry it. I’m a big fan of this newest Meguiar’s drying towel, it’s big and it’s pretty amazing! Get’s most of the car dry in a single wipe, that’s how I like it.

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