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Fooood! It’s been a while since I’ve talked about food here, right? And as you guys know from my Instatories, I just adore food so much! It’s even that bad that some people tell me my Instastories are becoming a food blog. Anyway, I love sushi so much, I could literally eat it every day. That’s why we decided last sunday to hit the road, just to catch some sushi.

As you guys often ask me or comment on my Instagram where we do eat this, this is Zushi in Knokke. My most favourite place to eat sushi! It’s just a classy place in the middle of the city and where you can also spot some nice cars passing by and it’s located at the sea, always fun to get some fresh air or jump in the ocean in the summer time. Win-win for everybody. I actually can’t remember how much times we ate here, must be over 20 times now over all those years. We even had take-out here to eat in a hotel room.

My favourite starter are those tempura shrimps, basicly fried scampi with a crunchy layer, normally comes with soy sauce but I advise to eat it with sweet-and-sour sauce, delicious! I could eat 20 of these!

The sushi is always freshly made at Zushi, you can see the guys make them on demand in the open kitchen in the back, always good to know! This tartare inside the rice and salmon and tuna is out of this world, little spicy but that’s what makes it even better!

A new one which we tried out last time is this fried chicken roll (photo on the left) and it’s actually pretty good, something different then always. On the right we had the fried combo, basicly it’s a mix of all the fried ones. Try it and thank me later!

And of course my babe is wearing her Rosé All Day hoodie from By Margaux. If you want to try out the best sushi in Belgium, go try them out, they’re based on the Lippenslaan in Knokke. Just good sushi! (And no, this is not a sponsored post, I just love to support brands/people who do a good job in what they do).

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Sunday, rainy, cold, foggy and hungry so these American styled Bacon Cheese Fries are the perfect small dish for a sunday! I learned to eat this in Las Vegas a long time ago and it’s the first time I’m making these myself at home… I miss you Vegas! These are the ingredients which you need, no special things, just pre-cooked fries, some fine chopped bacon, mozzarella cheese and some spring onions.

As I don’t have a fryer at home (I hate the smell) I always bake my fries in the oven, also much more healthier as the fryer. And it doesn’t makes your whole house smell – ha!

Next step, cook the bacon in a sticky pan! Don’t use any oil or butter as the bacon contains natural grease and it will melt when it’s heaten. If you add butter or oil, it well get way too greasy and all the taste of the bacon will get lost.

Once the bacon is nice and crispy, take it out the pan and let it sit on kitchenpaper to soak up the grease.

When the fries are done, nicely baked, yellow and crispy, take them out and put them in a bowl that’s made to go in the oven.

But some baking paper in it too! Add some paprika powder and pepper! No salt as the bacon is salty already.

Add the cheese first, add the bacon on top and then you’ll add the chopped spring onions. Add some extra pepper and paprika powder as a final step. You just know by the sight that this is going to be tasty!

Put it in the oven all together for 5 to 10 minutes and let the cheese melt. Keep a close eye on this so it doesn’t get burned!

Et voilaaaa! It’s done! I’m just having some extra mayo and ketchup with it. Don’t think this is like a mega greasy dish as it’s all light, light mayo, ketchup is ok, the fries are baked in the oven, the mozzarella cheese is also light so you don’t have to feel guilty when you have this tasty snack!


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Goodmorning folks! With Las Vegas coming up quickly next week I’m doing my best to eat a bit more healthy as normal. Want to get my body in the best possible shape for the upcoming Las Vegas week as I know it demands a lot from you. 10 Years strong now and I know it needs some preparation to get the most out of it, otherwise, you’re in bed at 6 in the evening. This muesli breakfast and dried fruit is supercheap and you can store it for a while. I added some extra fresh fruit to spice it up a bit.

An extra kiwi and passionfruit to make it even more tasty! Enjoy peeps! Of to the gym now!

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The last BBQ, of the year that is. It’s mid October and on some weird way (thanks global warming I guess) it still is 26 degrees during the day and 22 in the evening, even when the sun was down.

I knew that I had this little firepit laying around so this was the perfect excuse to fire it up! Coziness level 200! Hence the smell but all worth it.

As it’s dark at 7.30pm I needed some extra lightning, christmass lightning to the rescue! Worked pretty well to be honest.

And all of a sudden Margaux popped these out of her handbag! Kevin bought these last week and these were left-overs but this was the perfect time to take these in – ha! This brings back so many memories from when I was 18.

All I need is some christmas lightning, some closest friends and a proper piece of meat on the BBQ to be happy honestly.

No this is not a painting of ‘the last supper’ (het laatste avondmaal voor men Vlaamse lezers) but just us enjoying food.

I actually have no comment for this picture… I know it’s a weird one but too funny not to post!

Have a happy sunday everyone!

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This is starting to look like a food blog, I know but hey it’s my blog so I can write about what I want on my happy place. As you discovered already I’m a big meat fan. Kinda different in these vegan and vegetarian times as everything needs to be vegan and gluttenfree. (All respect for that by the way). I spotted these new sauces, specially for meat and as I have a little BBQ coming up, I’m trying these out!

This one is right in to my alley! Basicly, everything that has bacon in it is a winner for me.

And this combo is also a big yes for me! Paprika is always a good idea!

I was thinking for this one but as I love curry, I can only see this working with chicken (as in chicken curry) and as I had no chicken in my basket I passed on this one. (That’s a lot of ‘chicken’ right there)

[UPDATE] After trying them with the BBQ, the bacon jalapeno is my favourite! Works well with hamburgers and sausage and not spicy at all! The grilled paprika is more neutral, the ladies loved it.

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