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For those who know me pretty well is that I can never sit still and always push my ideas forward like a crazy man (and I have many more to come). I had this idea about having cool prints and your own custom print on a skateboard for a long time now. After many try and errors a finished product is finally there! You can order your deck as pure decoration to fit on your wall or just have laying around in the office or you can order it as a full working skateboard with griptape, trucks and wheels. Of course nicely wrapped in a proper box (what else) – ha! Go check it out at and feel free to order one (or a few). Thaaaaank you!

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Correct, these 3 (and the ladies) went to the annual Zoute Grand Prix in Knokke, Belgium. Basicly the Zoute Grand Prix is a roadrally that starts in the week and arrives over the weekend to the city of Knokke. Together with a collection of extremely rare and expensive cars this is the weekend and place to be when you’re in to cars, supercars and oldtimers. And it must be that this is what these 3 guys above connects.

These 4 are high on my ‘want-list’. The Ferrari 488, Porsche GT3RS, Mercedes GT AMG and this Audi R8, Limited edition with a V10 inside!

The Porsche 918, not a supercar but a hypercar! Those flashy green brake calipers make the car even look faster, don’t they?

A black Rolls Royce, that’s what makes my heart beat faster these days. We must thank @RDBLA for that by making the sickest Rolls Royces on the planet over in Los Angeles. At this point I’m debating with myself to sell the M4 and 7 series and source a Rolls, Ellen is probably going to kill me but I’m sure I can sleep on the backseat of a Rolls for sure!

And these 2 photo’s sum up pretty much why I like the Zoute Grand Prix happening. A great mix of old and new on 1 place. I actually took those 2 photos with 5 meter in between the 2 cars.

Gang gang gang! Quick pitstop to the Lucy Chang restaurant for a quick bite as we were all pretty tired! (and yes, Asian food again) Thanks for the great weekend guys!

This last photo must be in the blog as we can see Jim in his daily habitat. Pumping all the gas from the gas station like it’s nothing!

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Yeezy Yeezy Yeezy everywhere these days! Ordered these last week when they were dropped worldwide. As Kanye promised, everybody who wants Yeezy could buy Yeezys and not have to be ‘lucky’ anymore as on the past releases on the Yeezy drops. I got them, Ellen got them, my best friends Kevin and Elien got them… It’s going to be awkward when we all wear them. They might be just to wear when I’m home alone – haha! There goes my shoes of $220. At least they are comfy! Thanks Kanye!

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