When I saw this screen just next to my bed, I knew it was going to be another long day! Getting up at 5am sucks! Like bigtime!

Today on the menu, roadtrip from Vegas to Los Angeles and back! Having a short to-do list in LA and of course grabbing some pictures!

Nothing better as seeing the sun rise over the desert while driving to LA! This makes up pretty good for the getting up early part.

Our other friends from Belgium joined too for the little roadtrip!

But first, fuel and Red Bull!

And like half of the gas station candy department! Rip diet!

Missing Bentley & Tesla by seeing how happy this dog was in the back of this truck on the freeway!

First stop, Santa Monica pier! Time for a proper breakfast as in chili cheese fries and an all American hot-dog!

Tasted better as it looks! I swear!

Loving those typical USA branded candy vending stands! They just scream ‘America’ so much!

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of RDBLA so a little visit was obligated! I’ll do a seperate blogpost of the shop very soon! Pretty cool to see this again in real life! Be sure to watch their videos on Youtube!

And on the way to our next stop we obviously had to do some (more) pictures as the ladies never have photos enough for the Gram!

Next stop, the Griffith overview point, the most amazing view ever which you will have over Los Angeles. Little downside was the smog and some irritating people (and a full parking lot, which wasn’t full)

Little drive over Rodeo Drive and back to Vegas! The longest day ever! An almost 1.000km trip!

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Jup, another day in Las Vegas, another day full of possibilities in this beautiful place!

As we got 6 people which love to put their Instagram game high up there, we decided to go the desert for a full on photoshoot! These are some behind the scenes drone shots! Absolute fun!

And yes, that’s Jim in his T-rex costume! Why? Well because we can and it actually looks very cool and funny – Ha!

This burger was actually my breakfast, #becauselasvegas! Bacon and blue cheese for the win!

A little trip to the old part of Las Vegas to show the Las Vegas virgins everything around Vegas, even this part!

Not my most favourite part of whole Sin City but if you’re here you definitely need to see it for sure!

Back to Sema Show it is! Final day at the show and the Sema Cruise. All the cars roll out of the halls and it’s very cool to see and hear them.

I actually have way to many photos from the Sema Cruise… You can check them out very soon at the Automotive Tuner page!

This Huracan was a twin turbo equipped beast! My absolute dreamcar! Always told myself I will own one like these before I’m 40. Got 8 years to go – ultimate motivation right there!

With Sema Show done, it’s time for some more sightseeing and shopping! To be continued! Of to Los Angeles tomorrow!

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Another night in Vegas means another event or party to be at of course! Vossen Wheels it is on thursday night! A private event hosted in the Waldorf hotel to showcase their latest wheels and accessories to world.

You know who the beautiful girl on the left is, right? Sofia Bevarly as in an ex from the king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian.

As we know, Vossen Wheels has many many many beautiful wheel designs, the best of them are showcased in this gallery and we are thankful enough to see them in real life.

Concave? No problem for the Miami based wheel company! Custom made and with all posibilities te get the maximum out of it.

With an eye for details, these wheels are probably one of the best in the carscene. Just look at those babies!

In all possible colors desired and raw finishes as handbrushed for example.

And yes, the ladies were happy with free drinks, we were happy with all that eye candy (as in crazy wheels).

And beside the perfect wheels it was fun to seeing some friends again like Sven on the picture above. He’s the big man who fixes all the cars for the Essen Motorshow – always great talks!

And yes, I was pretty happy with my photo with Sofia! Haha! On to the next!

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Fi-nal-ly, the best week of the whole year is here! A whole week with this view on the other side of the window. After travelling 24 hours from Belgium to Las Vegas, Nevada over a little pit-stop in Atlanta we arrived at the city that never sleeps!

As all the travelling demands a lot of energy we decided to recover a bit at the pool the next day and that’s pretty much what we did. Heated water, much sun, a good beat on the background and some cocktails, to be honest, I had worse days in my life.

Sun is out, shopping is on!

Of course some sneaker hunting had to be done! Having my eyes on some Off-White Nikes which I want, more on that later this week – I promise!

And of course this is what Las Vegas is all about for me, the Sema Show! The best, the biggest, the sickest carshow in the world! 10th year for me being here and I know why! With the E30 freshly bought, it’s time to get my head filled with ideas again. Beside that, this is the place to be to catch some beautiful photographs of the most amazing project cars in the world!

And beside amazing projects, you’ll see a lot of cool stuff like this burned down Mercedes with some fancy wheels on for showcase – marketing done right!

Stay tuned for more stories from Sin City folks! And for those car people, go check out part 1 on the Sema Show at

Ps: we’re staying at this Vdara hotel!

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For those who know me pretty well is that I can never sit still and always push my ideas forward like a crazy man (and I have many more to come). I had this idea about having cool prints and your own custom print on a skateboard for a long time now. After many try and errors a finished product is finally there! You can order your deck as pure decoration to fit on your wall or just have laying around in the office or you can order it as a full working skateboard with griptape, trucks and wheels. Of course nicely wrapped in a proper box (what else) Рha! Go check it out at and feel free to order one (or a few). Thaaaaank you!

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