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As we all like movies, here’s a little blogpost about the last movie I saw. I’m not a big movie connaisseur but I wanted to share this with you guys! You’ve probably heard or seen a trailer of the “US” movie… if not, check the trailer below on this post.
Well, we went to see the movie last saturday in theaters and as I was really looking forward to this one. We saw a movie trailer back in December when we went to see “Escape Room” and as I told you before, I’m not a big movie connaisseur but the trailer really made me want to see this movie. It looked like a fresh approach, something different as all the other typical horror/meat/blood/killing movies.
I’ve read some articles online (before I saw the movie) about it being one of the scariest movies of the last year and people exiting the movie theaters because they were too scared. When you ask me it wasn’t that scary at all… Ok, ok it has some freaky scenes in it but I’ve seen worse horror movies where you leave your sleep for – haha!
If you’re in to horror movies, this one is a must-see but don’t expect too much of it, I’ll give it a 7,5 on 10 allround. Story line is pretty weird to be honest, it’s very weird plot twist and I’m still debating if I don’t get the movie or it was just so obviously…

It might has something to do with the song in the trailer that’s so good or addicting that actually made me wanted to see the movie. (played it over 20 times by now I think). It’s actually a creepy remix of the “I got 5 on it” song. Listen it here:

You now know why I played over so many times? Thank me later!
Here’s a trailer of the movie:

Hope you guys liked this bit of different blogpost, let me know if you like to see more of these kind of posts!


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Another weekend, another roadtrip – Monaco that is for this one! A little mix of business, fun, food, proper views, an amazing atmosphere and just a fantastic roadbuddy!

We decided to drive to the Côte d’Azur via Italy and Swiss (well, actually the Bmw navigation system decided to give us that route). From the rainy Belgium to the snowy Alps to the sunny French Riviera, more then enough beautiful sights during the road down!

I couldn’t wish for a better roadbuddy aka co-pilot then this lady!

It’s all about the roadtrip and it doesn’t matter if you’re stuck in a traffic jam or miss the right exit, these views are all just worth it. Talking about the most ridiculous subjects and having the most stupid laughs all ride long is something I’ll sign for every time.

Having a typical French breakfast at the Cafe De Paris is a must-do, beside the tasty croissants there’s a fleet of supercars passing by, win-win!

From Porsche 918’s to the newest Ferraris and an overload of Aston Martins, even spotted a Ferrari Enzo but I was too late to have a picture of it (read: sad face).

The weather and those perfect temperatures as in 22 degrees were just perfect, they contribute amazingly to the atmosphere which Monaco is delivering. You can not not like it.

Strolling around the city and seeing the link to the Formula 1 track, curbstones all around the city, F1 heritage everywhere you look.

The Port Hercule where all the yachts are is just on another level. Nowhere in Europe you’ll see so many and big yachts. The Dilbar (which was actually there the day before) and the ‘A’ yacht are only a few of the many famous ones which dock very often to the Monaco port.

And who would I be if I didn’t snap a little picture of these 2 beauties in the harbour with some fancy looking boats on the background. (Got waaaay to many shots but will share these on my Instagram over the next few days/weeks)

And shooting makes us hungry! Little snack at the port – yes, we love food!

The day after we decided to go for a little breakfast on an abandoned beach just outside Monaco. It was by this little alley we ended up at the beach, pretty cool!

A couple of tasty donuts and a big coffee from Starbucks was just perfect as we were still full from dinner the night before haha!

Jup, the little black spot on the photo above is us. It couldn’t be anymore perfect as this, hearing the sound of the waves and seeing the beautiful blue/greenish water was everything we just needed.

It doesn’t get any better then this, wish I could have breakfast here every day!

No words needed! Azure blue water!

Monaco things, a Cars & Coffee on a sunday with some classic Ferraris, A Mclaren Senna, Porsche 918 and some Lamborghinis… I had worse sundays.

Just a typical sight when you’re walking around the city. A perfect family wagon with an AMG badge and the classic Huracan spider, what’s not to like?

And Margaux’s G-wagon fetish was well feeded during the weekend! This Brabus G with camo wrap was probably the best one around! The sound was even more amazing!

When you walk in the city or just sit on your balcony at your room, you just hear supercars all day long. It’s hard to explain but the luxury cars creeping all over the city create such an amazing vibe, motivates me a lot and sparks many ideas.

With my motivation and ideas work-wise on point, I got energy kicking in hard!

Bars and good drinks all over the city! Mojitos and Cosmopolitans coming our way! With Nobu in the city we went for dinner over at the restaurant. Read all about it at Margauxs blog over the next few days!

Walking home is never dull at Monaco, ne-ver!

Sightseeing is one thing but heading over to the Tête-du-chien is the best thing you can do when you’re around Monte Carlo. You won’t be disappointed, take my word.

A full overview over the city and a breathtaking view!

Monaco on the left and Nice on the right side!

Time to head home and get back to work, fully energised and many ideas loading in my head! We’ll be back soon for another trip very soon!

I can’t get tired of this sight! My 2 babes looking pretty as always!

On the way home we stopped for a quick picture at the historic Reims racetrack, I’ll drop some more pictures of this in my next blogpost. Stay tuned folks, thanks for reading!

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You guys know that I can’t sit still and that’s also the reason why it’s been a bit quiet for a while on the blog as it’s pretty busy. Remember my merch line which I started with just a simple logo of myself? I decided to spice up the design a bit and this 2.0 design is really something up my sleeve! KEVVE-INC is born and it’s time to get the word out there and push this to the maximum! We now have 2 designs available (1.0 and 2.0) in 2 colors as in black and white and as it’s winter I (and you guys) could use some hoodies to keep you warm so there’s also a hoodie in light grey available.

As I love quality goods, I went for the proper warm hoodie with double layer to keep you warm in any condition. Same goes for the T-shirts, quality materials and assembled in Belgium of course.

I hope you guys like the details! I love them! It’s cool to see a product come to life and seeing it out there. As with all the other products I make (and made), we’re shipping worldwide!

Would love to thank Kevin and Margaux for helping me with this as it’s more than just making a T-shirt! Go check out Margauxs blog – lots of good reads on it! And of course, stay tuned for more on KEVVE-INC.

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It. Is. Finally. Here. My own T-shirts, my own merch! I wanted to do this for such a long time now but if you want to do something good in life, it takes time. Been working on this for the last few weeks and the finals are here. I runned a few other samples first but I wasn’t really convinced about the previous samples and quality. Now, we here and pretty happy with the result! Design 1.0 is now up in the webshop (link above or click HERE) and I’m already working on design 2.0 – Can you feel my excitement?

I want to thank Kevin – Illukrative for designing this logo/artwork together with me. I had this idea/design in my head for such a long time but could not make this in to reality without his magic hands and vector artwork. Need a logo or artwork yourself? Check out his website and say hi!

As I’m keeping up with my new years resolutions, here’s another vlog. Showcasing my merch and taking a closer look at the M4 as promised!

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First of all, I do not have drinking issues – haha! I just love to collect some more rare bottles of rosé or champagne. In the end when I got a huge amount of bottles, I would love to have a full wall in my house with all full bottles, no empty ones. When the time is right, I’m making a fully custom build frame to fit all the bottles to reach from the floor to the ceiling of the house. Having some ideas in my head already! I just bought these latest special editions of the Belair bottles – The DJ Khaled & Steve Aoki one. How cool are those!!!

The whole thing behind the Luc Belair brand and the reason why I like it so much is because of their company spirit. “Self Made Tastes Better”. They are a family owned company, independent brand in a world of corporate giants. They connect closely with the urban and RnB world and that’s what makes them so special, you’ll see lots of these bottles in music videos like of Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Post Malone and many more! Go check out their ‘movement’ on their website! Cheers!

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