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“YOUR SHIPMENT HAS ARRIVED.” Finally! I ordered these “C’est Normal” products 2 weeks before Sema Show, around 23rd of October. Wanted to take these with me to Las Vegas as it would have been fantastic. But as the brand launch was such a great success, there were a few problems with the actual stock and sold stock. As I ordered pretty much I received an email that my order was delayed as they sold more products then they actually had. Not a problem in the end as I’m still getting what I wanted, just had to wait a bit longer as expected.

This amazingly branded box (sea container) showed up yesterday and excited as I always am for packages I couldn’t wait to open it. It’s hard to see on the photo but the branding is pretty cool. The tape shows a message “sorry for this annoying tape”. Next level branding! I like that!

Quickly opened the box and I’m seeing that I’m missing a lot of pieces. Ordered some hoodies and some other stuff. Hope it will show up soon!

As Jon is a man of details, I appreciate these details a lot! It makes the T-shirt just so much more then just a basic shirt with a print on. I had a t-shirt/hoodie brand 12 years ago and I know how much work and money goes into these details, you got my respect Mr. olsson!

Wondering why this “c’est normal” text stands for? If you follow Jon, Janni & Benji on their journey, you’ll see that their lifestyle is very crazy. From the daily travels, the insane car builds, supercars, villas around the world, yachts, … and the big load of daily work it takes to maintain, run and organize all this. It’s normal for them, “c’est normal” in French! For now, I’ll be rocking those T-shirts in the gym as it’s too cold outside now. Hurry up with my hoodies please! Winter kicked in in Belgium!