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You guys probably have seen this car for a while now! The AccuAired Ferrari 308 from my mates at Kean Suspensions and Andy in particular. One of my magazine clients (and friends) asked me to have a proper photoshoot of this amazing car for their printed magazine so I was pretty stoked to shoot this red Italian beauty.

The car was showcased at the Essen Motorshow in Germany the last 2 weeks so Andy just got it back from the show last night. It’s not a trailercar, I can tell you that, it’s sometimes just easier to transport a car in a closed trailer when it has to be at a carshow. Did you guys know he drove this beauty all the way up to Worthersee in Austria earlier this year? Wicked! Real Dukes Of Hazzard style to get in the car (he actually couldn’t open the door due to the high sides of the trailer).

This view will never get old!

I actually can’t share too much photos from the photoshoot as the final pictures are going in to the magazine and need to be exclusive. What I can do is, is sharing these little behind the scenes photos or those who didn’t make the final selection.

It’s not every day you’re in a classic Ferrari like this. Nostalgia at his best! Finished with some fancy wheels and an AccuAir suspension making this 308 in to a real stunner!

Top views are the best! Those 80’s body lines, perfect!

The weather was pretty perfect, except for the cold. It was so cold that I couldn’t use my hands at the end of the photoshoot, too much ice cold wind. I’m so not ready for winter… but if all photoshoots turn out to be that fantastic, I can embrace winter in return for some epic photo magic. Thanks for taking out this Italian beauty today Andy! Red Bulls are on you next time!