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Sunday, rainy, cold, foggy and hungry so these American styled Bacon Cheese Fries are the perfect small dish for a sunday! I learned to eat this in Las Vegas a long time ago and it’s the first time I’m making these myself at home… I miss you Vegas! These are the ingredients which you need, no special things, just pre-cooked fries, some fine chopped bacon, mozzarella cheese and some spring onions.

As I don’t have a fryer at home (I hate the smell) I always bake my fries in the oven, also much more healthier as the fryer. And it doesn’t makes your whole house smell – ha!

Next step, cook the bacon in a sticky pan! Don’t use any oil or butter as the bacon contains natural grease and it will melt when it’s heaten. If you add butter or oil, it well get way too greasy and all the taste of the bacon will get lost.

Once the bacon is nice and crispy, take it out the pan and let it sit on kitchenpaper to soak up the grease.

When the fries are done, nicely baked, yellow and crispy, take them out and put them in a bowl that’s made to go in the oven.

But some baking paper in it too! Add some paprika powder and pepper! No salt as the bacon is salty already.

Add the cheese first, add the bacon on top and then you’ll add the chopped spring onions. Add some extra pepper and paprika powder as a final step. You just know by the sight that this is going to be tasty!

Put it in the oven all together for 5 to 10 minutes and let the cheese melt. Keep a close eye on this so it doesn’t get burned!

Et voilaaaa! It’s done! I’m just having some extra mayo and ketchup with it. Don’t think this is like a mega greasy dish as it’s all light, light mayo, ketchup is ok, the fries are baked in the oven, the mozzarella cheese is also light so you don’t have to feel guilty when you have this tasty snack!