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You guys know that I can’t sit still and that’s also the reason why it’s been a bit quiet for a while on the blog as it’s pretty busy. Remember my merch line which I started with just a simple logo of myself? I decided to spice up the design a bit and this 2.0 design is really something up my sleeve! KEVVE-INC is born and it’s time to get the word out there and push this to the maximum! We now have 2 designs available (1.0 and 2.0) in 2 colors as in black and white and as it’s winter I (and you guys) could use some hoodies to keep you warm so there’s also a hoodie in light grey available.

As I love quality goods, I went for the proper warm hoodie with double layer to keep you warm in any condition. Same goes for the T-shirts, quality materials and assembled in Belgium of course.

I hope you guys like the details! I love them! It’s cool to see a product come to life and seeing it out there. As with all the other products I make (and made), we’re shipping worldwide!

Would love to thank Kevin and Margaux for helping me with this as it’s more than just making a T-shirt! Go check out Margauxs blog – lots of good reads on it! And of course, stay tuned for more on KEVVE-INC.