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Look what finally arrived today! DHL once again succeeded to deliver the package at another address earlier this week but it finally showed up in 1 piece so I’m pretty happy! Let me guys show you a little unboxing (cause everybody loves unboxing photos, right?) of this KW DDC coilover kit for my M4.

The box is as you can see very strong and robust. Thanks to the expandable foam all parts are pretty firm and well protected – which I like! Once I open the box the first thing I see is this KW tool kit.

And here they are, the babies! The German coilover suspension manufacturer is the best in the world when it comes to suspensions, for the road or the track. This KW DDC kit lets me lower (or higher) the car by adjusting the screw on the damper, perfect! And as for the DDC part, I can still adjust my damping control by a touch of a button as with my original Bmw suspension.

Precision machined parts and a high level of detail and finishing, that’s how I like it.

Can’t wait to have these fitted to the car, but first SEMA show! And no, this was not a sponsored post or product, I just love to promote excellent products and services!