When I saw this screen just next to my bed, I knew it was going to be another long day! Getting up at 5am sucks! Like bigtime!

Today on the menu, roadtrip from Vegas to Los Angeles and back! Having a short to-do list in LA and of course grabbing some pictures!

Nothing better as seeing the sun rise over the desert while driving to LA! This makes up pretty good for the getting up early part.

Our other friends from Belgium joined too for the little roadtrip!

But first, fuel and Red Bull!

And like half of the gas station candy department! Rip diet!

Missing Bentley & Tesla by seeing how happy this dog was in the back of this truck on the freeway!

First stop, Santa Monica pier! Time for a proper breakfast as in chili cheese fries and an all American hot-dog!

Tasted better as it looks! I swear!

Loving those typical USA branded candy vending stands! They just scream ‘America’ so much!

As you guys know, I’m a big fan of RDBLA so a little visit was obligated! I’ll do a seperate blogpost of the shop very soon! Pretty cool to see this again in real life! Be sure to watch their videos on Youtube!

And on the way to our next stop we obviously had to do some (more) pictures as the ladies never have photos enough for the Gram!

Next stop, the Griffith overview point, the most amazing view ever which you will have over Los Angeles. Little downside was the smog and some irritating people (and a full parking lot, which wasn’t full)

Little drive over Rodeo Drive and back to Vegas! The longest day ever! An almost 1.000km trip!