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Some days in the office are just better then other days! I have the luck to shoot the coolest and most beautiful cars out there thanks to my favourite car shop, Xoto Premium cars! Jup, that’s the place where I bought my Bmw M4 and where I will probably buy more cars during my life! Haha!

The cars that needed to be photographed were these 2 amazing Land Rover Defenders, both in mint condition, and both on my ‘want-list’. I have a weakness for these Defenders, I know they look like a brick, have 0,0001% of aerodynamics, they’re slow as a bone but there’s just something about the off-road vehicles that I like so much!

I had the luck to drive these to several locations and the weather really was on my side, a low oriented sun which took care of the flare in the pictures (which I like) and those locations were a perfect match for these Defenders – Picture perfect!

This Heritage 110 version in a minty green was just on another level, it looks like new and looks so amazing!

And then there was this 90 Adventure series, it just fits this location so much, it’s in his natural habitat! If these cars were not for sale I would love to drive them through mud like a crazy man, must be so much fun!

You would think those Defenders would look boring and stock on the inside but nothing is left to coincidence, they just got everything! Electric windows, airco, heating, radio, cd, seat heating, … everything you could wish for!