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Ok, by this time you’ve seen many of these images from your friends who went skiing or snowboarding! I wanted to go skiing in winter for ages (like really, ages!) and this year I just did it. I love the wintercold in a paradise like this, loads of snow, loads of sun and the perfect setting, what’s not to like? France, here we come!

An amazing hotel with an even more amazing staff makes the short trip so worth it. Exiting the hotel and being directly on the ski slope was just amazing, the feeling of clicking on your skis and just slide your way down to the elevator was great! Imagine dragging your gear out of the hotel first and then to hit a bus for 30 minutes to the skislopes and when you’re all done and tired to the bone waiting for a bus and a bus ride back to the hotel… I was pretty happy with this!

I mean… I’ve been in many hotelrooms lately but these ones are in my top 5 for sure! Ok, the food buffet and restaurant was amazing too! Food is life!

I love dimensions so I was pretty excited to fly my drone here! Bit scary tho as it was -15 degrees when I flew it out there to get these shots, not sure how those drones handle cold air but it survived so we’re all good. If it would have crashed, I would have started a national search and rescue action – haha!

The funny thing was I had to launch the drone from the room (which had no outdoor area) so this was a bit tricky!

Not sure if I flew my drone so high I arrived at Mars or… This just looks so amazing! Seeing these images makes me want to go back!

I went skiing for so many times on an indoor track but this means nothing with this fresh snow and this view! Sign me up every year please!

And as you guys know how I love my sunsets… these were just on another level!

I went for the ski while Margaux went for the snowboard! I was so suprised by how well this lady could handle the board! She always had to wait for me as I was so slow – ha! I love it when somebody pushes me to go harder, that’s how you get better and improve yourself!

I’ll be honest with you guys! The first day I almost broke every bone in my body by falling over a hundred times! As I always used to ski indoor, the fresh snow and feeling was so different and I wasn’t used to this. I adjusted my technique the following days and I never felt again (ok, maybe 1 more time (really)).

This is what heaven looks like when you love skiing! Can’t we just go back please!?

The most important thing after skiing is obviously the ‘apres-ski’! (read: booze) Fresh mojito’s all day long!

The mojito’s were amazing but the food and desserts were even more amazing! I don’t think I ever ate so much! (Ok maybe in Las Vegas at the buffets)

And to work off all the food and drinks, we went swimming in the pool with the sickest view I ever had from a pool! It doesn’t get any better then this – feeling lucky!

And we finished with a proper gym session (I didn’t had any photos of me working out so I guess you won’t mind if I use one of this lady) to stay in shape and get some more energy. And this was the perfect way to get my Red Bull ice cold, just how I like them!

I literally can’t wait to go back! One of the best trips I’ve done and I finally went skiing!