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This is starting to look like a food blog, I know but hey it’s my blog so I can write about what I want on my happy place. As you discovered already I’m a big meat fan. Kinda different in these vegan and vegetarian times as everything needs to be vegan and gluttenfree. (All respect for that by the way). I spotted these new sauces, specially for meat and as I have a little BBQ coming up, I’m trying these out!

This one is right in to my alley! Basicly, everything that has bacon in it is a winner for me.

And this combo is also a big yes for me! Paprika is always a good idea!

I was thinking for this one but as I love curry, I can only see this working with chicken (as in chicken curry) and as I had no chicken in my basket I passed on this one. (That’s a lot of ‘chicken’ right there)

[UPDATE] After trying them with the BBQ, the bacon jalapeno is my favourite! Works well with hamburgers and sausage and not spicy at all! The grilled paprika is more neutral, the ladies loved it.