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Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist! As you guys know I have the brakes laying around waiting to be fitted on the 7. And as I’m Mr. No Patience this is the result to this. You have to admit, the combination of all these parts looks pretty sick and they fit like a glove (for now).

So to answer all the questions in 1 time, in 3 weeks we’re over to Sema and right after I’m taking the 7 to the annual MOT. If all goes well (which will) I’m dropping of the car at Kean Suspensions to fit the brakes. I could do it myself but at this point I don’t have a big garage to work on the car and installing brakes is always a bit a pain, as in bleeding the lines for air. And with all these electrical things on the 7 I rather let it to the pro’s. To be continued!