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As the 2018 season is done, it’s time for a change when it comes to wheels on the 7 series. The 22″ Forged Rotiform KPS wheels can go for now as I’m looking for another custom set for next season. These were custom built in LA at MHT/Rotiform for my boat.

Matte black inner barrels, gloss black lips on the outside, together with a matte black center and gloss black bolts. Looks like I like it in black!

The Toyo TR1 tires are like new! Think I’ve driven around 5000 to 6000km on these tires. They are not the cheapest tires around but I’m sticking with Toyo tires for ever. The grip, the looks, the strenght, … I can keep on going!

The wheels are all 4 in the same sizing, 10J wide. Tires in the front are 255/30/22 95Y and 295/25/22 97Y in the rear.

We all know the price new on these ones, make me an offer I can’t refuse and you’ll be rocking these 22″ KPS wheels next season!

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The last BBQ, of the year that is. It’s mid October and on some weird way (thanks global warming I guess) it still is 26 degrees during the day and 22 in the evening, even when the sun was down.

I knew that I had this little firepit laying around so this was the perfect excuse to fire it up! Coziness level 200! Hence the smell but all worth it.

As it’s dark at 7.30pm I needed some extra lightning, christmass lightning to the rescue! Worked pretty well to be honest.

And all of a sudden Margaux popped these out of her handbag! Kevin bought these last week and these were left-overs but this was the perfect time to take these in – ha! This brings back so many memories from when I was 18.

All I need is some christmas lightning, some closest friends and a proper piece of meat on the BBQ to be happy honestly.

No this is not a painting of ‘the last supper’ (het laatste avondmaal voor men Vlaamse lezers) but just us enjoying food.

I actually have no comment for this picture… I know it’s a weird one but too funny not to post!

Have a happy sunday everyone!

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This is starting to look like a food blog, I know but hey it’s my blog so I can write about what I want on my happy place. As you discovered already I’m a big meat fan. Kinda different in these vegan and vegetarian times as everything needs to be vegan and gluttenfree. (All respect for that by the way). I spotted these new sauces, specially for meat and as I have a little BBQ coming up, I’m trying these out!

This one is right in to my alley! Basicly, everything that has bacon in it is a winner for me.

And this combo is also a big yes for me! Paprika is always a good idea!

I was thinking for this one but as I love curry, I can only see this working with chicken (as in chicken curry) and as I had no chicken in my basket I passed on this one. (That’s a lot of ‘chicken’ right there)

[UPDATE] After trying them with the BBQ, the bacon jalapeno is my favourite! Works well with hamburgers and sausage and not spicy at all! The grilled paprika is more neutral, the ladies loved it.

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Sorry guys, I couldn’t resist! As you guys know I have the brakes laying around waiting to be fitted on the 7. And as I’m Mr. No Patience this is the result to this. You have to admit, the combination of all these parts looks pretty sick and they fit like a glove (for now).

So to answer all the questions in 1 time, in 3 weeks we’re over to Sema and right after I’m taking the 7 to the annual MOT. If all goes well (which will) I’m dropping of the car at Kean Suspensions to fit the brakes. I could do it myself but at this point I don’t have a big garage to work on the car and installing brakes is always a bit a pain, as in bleeding the lines for air. And with all these electrical things on the 7 I rather let it to the pro’s. To be continued!

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For those who know me pretty well know that I’m a big enthusiast of old’skool Bimmers. So who am I to say no to a request for a videoshoot of this vintage E21? Yves came up to me as he needed a videoshoot of this car for his new company – Munich Icons. A company that builds and restores vintage Bimmers so what’s not to like? Sign me up for the job!

I went full on for this videoshoot, gimball, drone, full setup for this videoshoot!

A sunny day, a stunning location and a very cool car, nothing can go wrong! Pretty funny as this E21 had my carbon fiber dashboard sitting in the car which I had custom built for my E21 almost 7 years ago. Small world – ha!

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