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It’s been a bit quiet around here last week, I know. Been working pretty hard on the E30 wagon and it’s been pretty busy work-wise so have a bit mercy on me. Yes, another blogpost about me washing a car (DJ Khaled’s voice: “another one”). But, if I’m not wrong (and I’m not because I checked) I didn’t do one before on the M4. And as I still get a lot of questions on the foaming process and people just love photos of foamed cars, here we go!

As you can see I actually drove the M4, it’s not just sitting in the garage… Actually it is but hey, I got it dirty and it’s really really dirty now as you can see so it needs a bath! Don’t hate me now, a car is made to be driven!

This photo has nothing to do with this article but Bentley had a good fur-day and wanted to go on photo, nothing wrong with that. He’s cute, right?

Foam! That’s what it’s all about! Once you get it on, it gets the dirt loose and makes it easier to clean. It’s just so much more fun to clean your car and keeps your paint in better condition as foam prevents swirlmarks better as a normal wash.

Just leave the foam soaking in and enjoy the view!

And yes, it’s hard to not take a picture when it’s fully foamed, I admit. I’m guilty!

After the foam is fully soaked just wash your on the normal way with a bucket with soap and a washmitt. If you like, you can foam your car again and wash it with the new layer of foam on it.

Once you washed the car it’s time to dry it. I’m a big fan of this newest Meguiar’s drying towel, it’s big and it’s pretty amazing! Get’s most of the car dry in a single wipe, that’s how I like it.

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Sunday, rainy, cold, foggy and hungry so these American styled Bacon Cheese Fries are the perfect small dish for a sunday! I learned to eat this in Las Vegas a long time ago and it’s the first time I’m making these myself at home… I miss you Vegas! These are the ingredients which you need, no special things, just pre-cooked fries, some fine chopped bacon, mozzarella cheese and some spring onions.

As I don’t have a fryer at home (I hate the smell) I always bake my fries in the oven, also much more healthier as the fryer. And it doesn’t makes your whole house smell – ha!

Next step, cook the bacon in a sticky pan! Don’t use any oil or butter as the bacon contains natural grease and it will melt when it’s heaten. If you add butter or oil, it well get way too greasy and all the taste of the bacon will get lost.

Once the bacon is nice and crispy, take it out the pan and let it sit on kitchenpaper to soak up the grease.

When the fries are done, nicely baked, yellow and crispy, take them out and put them in a bowl that’s made to go in the oven.

But some baking paper in it too! Add some paprika powder and pepper! No salt as the bacon is salty already.

Add the cheese first, add the bacon on top and then you’ll add the chopped spring onions. Add some extra pepper and paprika powder as a final step. You just know by the sight that this is going to be tasty!

Put it in the oven all together for 5 to 10 minutes and let the cheese melt. Keep a close eye on this so it doesn’t get burned!

Et voilaaaa! It’s done! I’m just having some extra mayo and ketchup with it. Don’t think this is like a mega greasy dish as it’s all light, light mayo, ketchup is ok, the fries are baked in the oven, the mozzarella cheese is also light so you don’t have to feel guilty when you have this tasty snack!


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“YOUR SHIPMENT HAS ARRIVED.” Finally! I ordered these “C’est Normal” products 2 weeks before Sema Show, around 23rd of October. Wanted to take these with me to Las Vegas as it would have been fantastic. But as the brand launch was such a great success, there were a few problems with the actual stock and sold stock. As I ordered pretty much I received an email that my order was delayed as they sold more products then they actually had. Not a problem in the end as I’m still getting what I wanted, just had to wait a bit longer as expected.

This amazingly branded box (sea container) showed up yesterday and excited as I always am for packages I couldn’t wait to open it. It’s hard to see on the photo but the branding is pretty cool. The tape shows a message “sorry for this annoying tape”. Next level branding! I like that!

Quickly opened the box and I’m seeing that I’m missing a lot of pieces. Ordered some hoodies and some other stuff. Hope it will show up soon!

As Jon is a man of details, I appreciate these details a lot! It makes the T-shirt just so much more then just a basic shirt with a print on. I had a t-shirt/hoodie brand 12 years ago and I know how much work and money goes into these details, you got my respect Mr. olsson!

Wondering why this “c’est normal” text stands for? If you follow Jon, Janni & Benji on their journey, you’ll see that their lifestyle is very crazy. From the daily travels, the insane car builds, supercars, villas around the world, yachts, … and the big load of daily work it takes to maintain, run and organize all this. It’s normal for them, “c’est normal” in French! For now, I’ll be rocking those T-shirts in the gym as it’s too cold outside now. Hurry up with my hoodies please! Winter kicked in in Belgium!

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*Starts playing: The Candy Shop – 50 Cent* It’s not often you find a car rental shop which rents out all of your dreamcars! Going from a Lamborghini Huracan to a Rolls Royce Wraith to plenty of other rides!

This massive Rolls Royce Ghost is one of the sickest cars for me on the parking lot. Just the way this beast looks is amazing, it stands for luxury and the finer things in life – much like!

And then there was this Aventador SV, on a totally other level as all the other cars here. Coming in matte black with a big load of carbon fiber makes this also high on my ‘want’ list! They can drop it off like this please!

And of course LA wouldn’t be LA if there weren’t any G-wagons to rent! If you have a weakness for G-wagons like Margaux, you’re at the right place! I’ll go for the bright green yellow-ish one! Totally bad*ss!

And why not throw a regular Range Rover in there? Cause that’s sooo Beverly Hills, that’s why!

If all the above rides were not enough or good enough, you can always choose this Maybach, Baller status activated!

And yes, this Defender… you know how I think about Defenders… if not, scroll down a bit on this blog!

This Huracan reminds me of my rental car in Dubai, maybe I should rent a car at Platinum Motorsport next time I’m over in LA!

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Some days in the office are just better then other days! I have the luck to shoot the coolest and most beautiful cars out there thanks to my favourite car shop, Xoto Premium cars! Jup, that’s the place where I bought my Bmw M4 and where I will probably buy more cars during my life! Haha!

The cars that needed to be photographed were these 2 amazing Land Rover Defenders, both in mint condition, and both on my ‘want-list’. I have a weakness for these Defenders, I know they look like a brick, have 0,0001% of aerodynamics, they’re slow as a bone but there’s just something about the off-road vehicles that I like so much!

I had the luck to drive these to several locations and the weather really was on my side, a low oriented sun which took care of the flare in the pictures (which I like) and those locations were a perfect match for these Defenders – Picture perfect!

This Heritage 110 version in a minty green was just on another level, it looks like new and looks so amazing!

And then there was this 90 Adventure series, it just fits this location so much, it’s in his natural habitat! If these cars were not for sale I would love to drive them through mud like a crazy man, must be so much fun!

You would think those Defenders would look boring and stock on the inside but nothing is left to┬ácoincidence, they just got everything! Electric windows, airco, heating, radio, cd, seat heating, … everything you could wish for!

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