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It’s been a bit quiet around here last week, I know. Been working pretty hard on the E30 wagon and it’s been pretty busy work-wise so have a bit mercy on me. Yes, another blogpost about me washing a car (DJ Khaled’s voice: “another one”). But, if I’m not wrong (and I’m not because I checked) I didn’t do one before on the M4. And as I still get a lot of questions on the foaming process and people just love photos of foamed cars, here we go!

As you can see I actually drove the M4, it’s not just sitting in the garage… Actually it is but hey, I got it dirty and it’s really really dirty now as you can see so it needs a bath! Don’t hate me now, a car is made to be driven!

This photo has nothing to do with this article but Bentley had a good fur-day and wanted to go on photo, nothing wrong with that. He’s cute, right?

Foam! That’s what it’s all about! Once you get it on, it gets the dirt loose and makes it easier to clean. It’s just so much more fun to clean your car and keeps your paint in better condition as foam prevents swirlmarks better as a normal wash.

Just leave the foam soaking in and enjoy the view!

And yes, it’s hard to not take a picture when it’s fully foamed, I admit. I’m guilty!

After the foam is fully soaked just wash your on the normal way with a bucket with soap and a washmitt. If you like, you can foam your car again and wash it with the new layer of foam on it.

Once you washed the car it’s time to dry it. I’m a big fan of this newest Meguiar’s drying towel, it’s big and it’s pretty amazing! Get’s most of the car dry in a single wipe, that’s how I like it.