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First of all, I do not have drinking issues – haha! I just love to collect some more rare bottles of rosé or champagne. In the end when I got a huge amount of bottles, I would love to have a full wall in my house with all full bottles, no empty ones. When the time is right, I’m making a fully custom build frame to fit all the bottles to reach from the floor to the ceiling of the house. Having some ideas in my head already! I just bought these latest special editions of the Belair bottles – The DJ Khaled & Steve Aoki one. How cool are those!!!

The whole thing behind the Luc Belair brand and the reason why I like it so much is because of their company spirit. “Self Made Tastes Better”. They are a family owned company, independent brand in a world of corporate giants. They connect closely with the urban and RnB world and that’s what makes them so special, you’ll see lots of these bottles in music videos like of Rick Ross, Dj Khaled, Post Malone and many more! Go check out their ‘movement’ on their website! Cheers!