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The last BBQ, of the year that is. It’s mid October and on some weird way (thanks global warming I guess) it still is 26 degrees during the day and 22 in the evening, even when the sun was down.

I knew that I had this little firepit laying around so this was the perfect excuse to fire it up! Coziness level 200! Hence the smell but all worth it.

As it’s dark at 7.30pm I needed some extra lightning, christmass lightning to the rescue! Worked pretty well to be honest.

And all of a sudden Margaux popped these out of her handbag! Kevin bought these last week and these were left-overs but this was the perfect time to take these in – ha! This brings back so many memories from when I was 18.

All I need is some christmas lightning, some closest friends and a proper piece of meat on the BBQ to be happy honestly.

No this is not a painting of ‘the last supper’ (het laatste avondmaal voor men Vlaamse lezers) but just us enjoying food.

I actually have no comment for this picture… I know it’s a weird one but too funny not to post!

Have a happy sunday everyone!