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The last snaps, as in the last photoshoot of the M4… for this season! I took advantage of the last sunrays yesterday after a day behind the computer. Next days are rainy and cold with the neccessary frost and we all know what that means – Winter is coming! No roadsalt for this blue one!

Went for the arty shots on my favourite moment of the day, the golden hour! We all like that, correct?

I need a new exhaust, any tips? Want something a bit louder but not as in “look-at-me loud”! I’m seeing so much different exhaust systems for the M4 from €1.000 up to €12.500 for an exhaust system. Help me out other M3/M4 drivers!

C’est Normal – What else? Realling loving that low light, that sun flare and atmosphere in the air!

Those coupe bodylines are the best, just have a look at the bonnet, side wings on the front fenders and trunk spoiler. It’s almost like the curves of a fine lady (except for the boobs, the M4 doesn’t got boobs). It does got a proper booty tho – I like that.

There it is! (inserts peach emoticon) – Ha!

I know, I should have gone for the modeling career! Thanks for reading guys and the positive comments lately on the blog and my Instagram! I love you all! (well, most of you…)