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Yes!!! More yes!!! I finally found what I was looking for! Over the last few months (I’m not kidding) I was looking for an E30 coupe or an E21 coupe and for some reason it wouldn’t work out. Found a few potential cars which I wanted to buy but I couldn’t get on 1 line with the sellers due to one or another reason – or the car was already sold or it was just too rusty and you know we all hate rust. And for those who are known with the E30 status these days, they are going up much in pricing. Some original cars already go over 10K. Crazy!

I accidentally found this E30 wagon on Facebook in the morning, directly texted the seller and a few hours later I was at his home to have a look at the car and pay the man. This one must come home with me! 2 Days before I saw this one, I went to see an E21 but it was just bad when you saw it in real life while it look pretty good on pictures on the interwebs. Anyway, I’m sooo happy with this wagon, it’s different, it’s bigger as a coupe and for all those who are going to Worthersee each year they know how much important trunk storage is!

And by saying Worthersee, this will be the deadline for this E30 wagon! I’m not sure if I’m happy with that or if it’s just crazy, we’ll see! It will be running a forged set of Rotiforms, AccuAir management with an Endo CVT tank and many more fun parts. Appointments with the paintshop is already fixed – ha! I’m starting to tear the wagon down once we return from SEMA show, I’m excited (much). Can’t wait to go full mental again on a project like this!

Can U see how happy I am? Finally found my unicorn! And for those who don’t know my old cars, this is how my previous E30 looked! To be continued! And thanks again Kevin (@kevin_ninetynine) to drive the wagon home!