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Another night in Vegas means another event or party to be at of course! Vossen Wheels it is on thursday night! A private event hosted in the Waldorf hotel to showcase their latest wheels and accessories to world.

You know who the beautiful girl on the left is, right? Sofia Bevarly as in an ex from the king of Instagram, Dan Bilzerian.

As we know, Vossen Wheels has many many many beautiful wheel designs, the best of them are showcased in this gallery and we are thankful enough to see them in real life.

Concave? No problem for the Miami based wheel company! Custom made and with all posibilities te get the maximum out of it.

With an eye for details, these wheels are probably one of the best in the carscene. Just look at those babies!

In all possible colors desired and raw finishes as handbrushed for example.

And yes, the ladies were happy with free drinks, we were happy with all that eye candy (as in crazy wheels).

And beside the perfect wheels it was fun to seeing some friends again like Sven on the picture above. He’s the big man who fixes all the cars for the Essen Motorshow – always great talks!

And yes, I was pretty happy with my photo with Sofia! Haha! On to the next!