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From day 1 since I own the M4, I was gutted with the difference in the window tint on the front and rear windows. As you can see on the picture underneath the front windows had no tint and the rear ones have a light dark tint. (They just show heavy tinted now as the picture is made inside).

First of all, this is not a sponsored blogpost as I can already see some people thinking. I just love to support people and companies who are good to me and do awesome work. The guys from ProTint 9000 in Ghent (Belgium) are one of those lads which are going 200% for their business and go that extra mile in customer service and customer satisfaction.

Taking off doorcards to give that perfect finish to the foil/tint and applying a sort of transfer sheet so they don’t need to cut on your car or window.

Making sure everything fits and sits right, measuring twice, cutting once!

Protint 9000 stands for a perfect finish, no streaks, no air bubbles, just a proper window tint as it should be done in the books.

Making sure everything is perfectly done for that factory finish look – I like that!

Admit, that looks way better as all windows now have the same light tint!

And yes, you look still have a perfect view from the inside out and vice versa! Thank you guys! Go give them a follow on Instagram or Facebook or if you need your windows done, those are the people you need!