Anti Broke Broke Club

by admin on / LIFESTYLE

The 4th of January 2020, that means a few things. That means it’s been 5 months since I last updated this blog. It’s means it’s my birthday today and last but not least, it means I’m dropping these hoodies in the Kevve-Inc webshop!

Anti Broke Broke Club? Yes, you’re reading that right! Nobody likes it to being broke, this hoodie is my motivation to people to quit being broke and to make some proper money. I’m not the best guy to give financial advise to people but one thing I can tell you is that I’ve been broke around 2008. This due bad business decisions and influence by people who you thought they were friends but actually wanted all your money and just gave you the extra push in the grave. Being young at that time and taking advise from people who owned a big company and driving supercars weren’t the best decision I took in my life! Ha!

Being 4 days in 2020 now I can say I’m anti broke now. (See what I did there?) I want to motivate people to get out there and push the grind, do the work and keep doing the work that’s needed to make those dineros. One thing I’ve learned over the years is that when you do the work and do the hustle day after day you eventually can overcome everything. Even a downfall to €80K in minus, an almost failure of your company and selling all the fun stuff to survive. With these Anti Broke Broke Club hoodies (which come in 2 colors) I want to start the movement, the movement of being anti broke and just enjoying life to the fullest!